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Friday, 22 July 2011

Ride, motocross or scramble to this years Goodwood Revival

Another list of exciting firsts have been announced for this year's Goodwood Revival as the event celebrates the careers of British Motocross riders who won countless international scrambling events between 1955 and 1966.

The Revival is famous for its classic motorcycles and world class riders that take part in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy race. For 2011 Goodwood have also introduced a dedicated Motocross paddock area.

The list of Motocross Champions due to attend the Goodwood Revival includes Les Archer (Norton), Dave Bickers (Greeves), Dave Curtis (Matchless), Arthur Lampkin (BSA), Don and Derek Rickman (Metisse), and Jeff Smith (BSA). Les Archer and Dave Bickers won the 500 and 250 European Championships respectively in 1956 and 1960-61, and Jeff Smith won two World Championships in 1964-65.

A period Scrambles Paddock will also be staged with machines on display from Ariel, BSA, Cotton, DOT, Greeves, Jawa, Matchless, Tribsa, Triumph, and a Velocette, plus two early sidecar outfits.

Goodwood will also acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Metisse Motorcycles at the Revival - the manufacturing firm founded by Don and Derek Rickman that later won The Queen’s Award for Industry – with a display of their motorcycles. A new book about the Rickman brothers’ exciting careers will also be launched during Revival weekend.

For more information or to book tickets visit

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Suzuki launch a place for unlimited Girl Torque

Today has seen another first in the world of motorcycling, as Suzuki launched a new website specifically designed for female bikers. The website called Girl Torque aims to provide something unique to existing and new female motorcyclists.

Developed by a group of experienced female Suzuki dealers, Girl Torque provides information and tips on all things bike related, but with a woman's touch.

To celebrate the launch of Girl Torque Suzuki are running a special bash at Donington Park, where riders can take part in a full trackday, meet some of the Suzuki racers and more.

Suzuki GB's Michael Le Flay, explained the thinking behind Girl Torque:"First things first, we don't see female motorcyclists any differently from male riders, but what we do understand is the subtle differences and challenges faced. As such a male-dominated pastime, but with a healthy increase in female riders, we know that relevant information is not so easily accessible. For example, riding clothing sizes can be difficult to judge, as much as it may be for for a new rider to understand the differences needed when it comes to seat heights. On top of this, we're going to run some initiatives to make the world of motorcycling and Suzuki specifically to feel as inclusive as possible."

Keep an eye out for the regular blogs from a handful of female motorcyclists who will be reporting on everything from clothing and learning to ride, right throught to reporting from the BSB paddock.

Check out the Girl Torque site and book on to the trackday at

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Star riders confirmed for Viva Valencia! charity ride

An all-star team for the next big Riders for Health charity ride ‘Viva Valencia!’ has been confirmed. Danny John-Jules (Cat from Red Dwarf), BBC MotoGP presenter Matt Roberts, and owner of the UK’s first Yamaha Dealer, Steve Keys will be riding bright pink bikes from London to Southern Spain.

John-Jules and Keys, have been raising awareness and money for the charity, Riders for Health, by attending numerous events and shows on two bright pink Yamaha R1s over the past year. In October, the boys will be joined by Roberts to ride 1200 miles from Ace Cafe London to the Ricardo Tormo circuit, Valencia, Spain for the last race of the 2011 MotoGP championship.

Photo courtesy of

The new website will bring news, updates, photos and list events that the Viva Valencia! team are attending, but, more importantly, it will be a place for people to donate to the charity, either using the pledge button or buying one of the special T-shirts on offer.

Riders for Health works by supplying and maintaining reliable transport for health workers to reach people in remote parts of Africa. Millions of people in Africa die from easily preventable diseases and the charity tries to prevent this by making sure these people can receive regular, reliable health care often for the first time in their lives.

The ride, which will be filmed for a TV documentary, will leave on October 30 from the Ace Cafe on London’s North Circular and follow a route taking in France’s Champagne region, Dijon, Montpellier and Barcelona; giving the boys plenty of time to take in local culture.

Once the team arrives in Valencia on November 3, they will be meeting up with local supporters of Riders for Health and then lead approximately 200 bikes into the circuit for a parade lap, followed by Spain's very own Day of Champions where, it is hoped, they will be auctioning for the charity some of the exclusive items they have gathered during their trip.

Matt Roberts will ride the 1200 miles on the specially painted Yamaha R1 that MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo used during a parade lap at the 2010 Isle of Man TT:

"As soon as Danny (John-Jules) and Steve (Keys) told me about their plan to ride to Valencia, I wanted in! I know it is going to be a long trip and the R1 isn't exactly built for comfort, but it's all for a great cause and I know there'll be plenty of laughs along the way. I'm also a big Red Dwarf fan so for me it doesn't get much cooler than riding with the Cat!"

Visit to donate and keep up with regular news.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

2-wheel action at the 2011 Goodwood Revival

With this year’s Festival of Speed now a fond but distant memory for the 181,000 enthusiastic spectators that attended the event, the excitement for motor racing at Goodwood is growing again with just over nine weeks to go until the 2011 Goodwood Revival (16-18 September) gets underway with its mouth-watering grids, scintillating on-track action, and a number of significant anniversaries to celebrate.

The 2011 Revival is set to build on the success of last year’s event, when a record-breaking 134,000 people attended over the weekend.  As ever, the Revival offers visitors of all ages a chance to revel in the romance and glamour of motor racing as it used to be.  It is the only sporting event in the world set entirely to a period theme and, every year, spectators and competitors take a magical step back in time by getting into the effervescent Goodwood spirit.  The majority of visitors enter into the spirit of the event, dressing in appropriate clothing from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.

This September’s event will offer an action-packed weekend of historic motor racing and period theatre for all the family, as always – with much more besides.  The following is a summary of all the on-track motorcycle activity:

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy

Two races for 350cc to 500cc motorcycles of a type that raced between 1960 and 1966
The Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy will continue as a two-part, two-rider challenge, this year featuring bikes from the 1960s, including iconic names like Matchless, Norton, BMW, Ducati and Gilera.  There will again be one race on Saturday and another on Sunday, with the result decided by aggregate timing.  Each owner-rider will be paired up with a professional racer, and both will ride in each race, changing over in the pits around half distance.

Motocross Champions

This year’s Revival will celebrate a branch of two-wheeled sport at which Britons were once dominant. Motocross was a hugely popular sport on British television in the 1960s, and this parade, featuring seven past champions from that period, will evoke memories of that era.

To order advance tickets for 2011 Goodwood Revival, please contact the Ticket Hotline
Telephone: +44 (0)1243 755055
Fax: +44 (0)1243 755058
Book on-line:

Goodwood on Facebook
Goodwood on Twitter

Latest Ducati clothing now available online

Exotic bike manufacturer, Ducati, has launched a new online store for an easy and secure way to buy the latest Ducati gear. It has an impressive range of exclusive products which the firm have created in partnership with other top international brands.

The new digital storefront is part of the Ducati website, which delivers the latest MotoGP news from the Ducati Team, events and information of the latest range of models, apparel and accessories.

Accessible from any online computer or mobile device, enables easy research and instant purchase. Ducati claim that the product information experience is so detailed that it virtually allows users to ”touch” before buying. The store accepts all major payment methods from credit cards and PayPal to regular bank transfers and keeps users updated with a the Ducati newsletter.

Visit to view the UK online store.

Friday, 8 July 2011

A Sunday ride, new kit to test and an insight into the Brotherhood of Biking

Waking up early on a summers morning, stepping outside into the freshly risen sun and experiencing that first taste of the warm day ahead. I wander lazily into the garden, soaking up the tranquil atmosphere with a glass of ice cold orange juice.

I walk over to my bike and peel the cover off, as if announcing how i intend to celebrate the glorious weather. Before i make the stop offs to rally up the troops for our trip to the south east's biking mecca at box hill, i give the chain a quick lube and adjustment and perform the special dancing manoeuvre required to get into my one-piece leathers.

Some new kit to try on this Sunday ride, my bright white TCX S-Race Air boots that arrived in the week are begging to be broken in. Stepping out of the house with a huge grin as i can already feel how supportive yet lightweight the new boots are, i hop on my bike and head down the road to our agreed meeting point.

With my bike parked up alongside the others, i take a moment to admire my handywork of fitting the new R&G aero crash protectors and paddock stand bobbins, which although are their for a specific function, they definitely add a bit of bling to the bike as well.

Shortly after heading off and fueling up we get into the swing of things and start to feel the grip from the warm, dry tarmac. Feeling alot more confident after my recent trackday, i get the toes of my new boots straight into action up on the footpegs and stirring the gearbox as i negotiate a flowing succession of blissful b-road corners.

After about an hour and halfs riding we reach box hill and stop for a drink and a chat about the ride there, already my S-Race Air boots have won me over, instantly comfortable, reassuring support and protection and a lightweight feel that inspires you to move across the bike quickly and smoothly in the bends.

Another rider joins the trail and we pick up a slightly different route on the way home. After another hour or so in the baking sunshine we arrive back home, slide out of our leathers and reflect on the sights and occurances of the ride. A cup of tea and a replay of the MotoGP later and we finish off the perfect day with some good grub at the local pub.

Days like last Sunday truly remind me why i own a bike, sure the riding is fun but the social aspect of 'the brotherhood of biking', as one of my friends aptly put it, is just incredible. It turns it from a quick bit of entertainment to the core activity that the day and even the weekend can revolve around.

Send some photos and captions to summarise your biking weekends to and we'll try and get them up on the site. Thanks to TCX for the awesome S-Race Air, you can find your TCX dealer here: and also thanks to R&G for giving me peace of mind, get your bike protected here:

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Motorcycle as a Life Saver - Japan tsunami

Taken from Motorcycle Information, a magazine published by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, a reporter visits Kesennuma City, Japan, a community badly hit by the Earthquake and tsunami on March 11th.

Entering Kesennuma City, mountains of debris lined both sides of the road. The scattered wreckage of decimated homes was piled up over a vast area, with the sea visible in the distance. In places where residences once stood, people could be seen picking and searching through the rubble.

Fires broke out here after the tsunami hit. Moving through this area, large-size boats could be seen on top of burned out debris where they had been deposited by the fierce waves.

Only three businesses on the outskirts of this town (one supermarket and two motorcycle dealer shops) were operating. Power shortage, suspension of the water supply and other severe inconveniences made it impossible for the surviving stores to remain open.

The Motorcycle as a Life Saver “Moto Shop Hirono” operated two shops – an older establishment (open for 50 years) in the central section of town, and a new shop about three kilometres from the old one. Owner Takeo Hirono handled business at the new shop, with his mother in charge of running the older location.

After the quake struck and a large tsunami warning was issued, Mr. Hirono took off in a light truck to check on his mother and the conditions at the old shop.

As a traffic jam had formed on the way to the centre of town he immediately returned to the shop, where he mounted on his motorcycle and set out to rescue his mother. Arriving in the urban district, Mr. Hirono was lucky enough to quickly find his mother, who was trying to flee from that area.

They barely made it to higher grounds. “A friend who was watching from the elevated area told me that the tsunami arrived almost immediately after we drove by. This motorcycle saved my life.”

During the first few days after the tsunami, survivors searched for family members or made attempts to walk back to their homes. “An exhausted man, covered in mud, arrived at the shop and asked me to lend him a motorcycle to make it to hishome to check on his family.

"I lent him the motorcycle I use for work, and told him to hurry to his loved ones. Several other people also showed up asking the same thing, and I just kept lending out motorcycles. I don’t even know whom I lent them to.”

There was a particular surge in requests to fix punctured tires caused by debris,glass, nails and other sharp objects. Since the logistics network was virtually frozen, repairs required a considerable time. As a result, Mr. Hirono’s 20 mopeds in stock sold out in no time.

“Many residents had lost both their homes and vehicles in the tsunami, and were staying with relatives. They needed to secure water, food and other everyday supplies. Others wanted to use motorcycles to search for unaccounted family members, check on the safety of their employees, or get in touch with customers.”

Mr. Hirono concluded: “As a consequence of the disaster many people have reconsidered the convenience offered by motorcycles. I hope to see such people keep a motorcycle around,much like a stock of household medicine, to give them valuable mobility at times of critical need.”

Motorcycles provided critical support during the disaster, and in some cases they even made the difference between life and death. Responding to the anxious desire of people to move around or out of the debris-strewn zones, motorcycles supported the vital lines of human communication during this most trying time.

Motorcycles, as highly efficient means of transport largely resistant to road congestion, were proving effective in restoring a sense of activity and vitality to thecommunity.

The Japanese automotive industry is suffering from the consequence of the earthquake and of the ensuing power shortages. Motorcycle production in Japan in April declined by 20% compared to April 2010.

Latest figures however suggest an improvement of the situation with a production increase of +10.2% on the same month of the previous year after four months of downturn.

As of April 15, the number of dead and missing in the disaster had risen to over 28,000 persons, with some 140,000 persons forced to live in shelters and other evacuation sites.

Source: ACEM

It's not too late to make a difference, make a donation now here:

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ReBoot your riding footwear with TCX

For those whose drap old boots aren't doing their pride and joy justice any more, boots manufacturer TCX is launching ReBoot, a sales promotion for all riders wishing to revamp their motorcycle footwear. From track day race wear to everyday riding comfort, TCX has the boot for the job.

ReBoot is for riders whose current boots have seen better days; customers can exchange their old boots and save up to 20% off a brand new pair. The offer also helps to promote footwear that complies with the latest generation of motorcycle boots, with newer protection and all in-line with the latest European standards.

From July through to September 2011, motorcyclists are invited to take their old biking footwear, of any brand, to a participating TCX dealer in exchange for money-off a selection of TCX models including; S-Race, S-Zero, Infinity Gore-Tex and the X-Five Plus Gore-Tex.

Prices are as follows:

S-Race SRP £199.99 - ReBoot £159.99
S-Zero SRP £149.99 - ReBoot £119.99
Infinity Gore-Tex SRP £229.99 - ReBoot £179.99
X-Five Plus Gore-Tex SRP £169.99 - ReBoot £134.99

To find your dealer visit: or call 01425 478936

Monday, 4 July 2011

The ultimate duty free airport shop

Ducati has come to the rescue of thousands of bored bikers at Fiumicino airport, Rome by opening a new outlet for their clothing range.

As an addition to the existing shop at Bologna airport, the new opening marks the beginning of Ducati's “pilot project” for a new retail program that they aim to extend to other European and non-European airports.

“The decision to open an airport retail format stems from the growing interest in the Ducati brand and the entire product range associated with it,” said Lucio Attina, Director of Ducati Apparel & Brand Development. “For years, Ducati has been a committed global ambassador of the “made in Italy” concept of premium quality and so the decision to open this first shop in Italy’s capital was inevitable. We feel sure this opening will be followed by many others, enabling us to offer the fast-growing community of Ducati fans and enthusiasts the chance to purchase apparel and other products.”

This latest shop will be an outlet for products from the Ducati apparel collection and also those of numerous partners, such as Oakley and Puma, whose brands are already associated with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. In celebration of the shop’s opening, Ducati fans were treated to an appearance of Valentino Rossi’s Desmosedici GP11 MotoGP bike, a display that attracted huge crowds of curious airport visitors.

We can only hope that the next airport to recieve a Ducati shop will be in the UK, if you can think of anywhere better to loiter before your flight then let us know!

Friday, 1 July 2011

New V-Strom 650 world press launch

Suzuki's popular dual sport V-Strom 650 has been completely re-designed for 2012 and UK press had their first taste of the all-new model yesterday as the worldwide press test in Split, Croatia.

The new model features an all-new engine with more low-mid range torque and increased power, it weight a remarkable 6kg less than the old model, and it has new styling to bring it up to speed with the competition.

After an introduction to the technical highlights of the new launch model, the stunning countryside around the Coastal city of Split in Croatia offered the perfect opportunity to sample Suzuki's new middleweight adventure bike.

Some comments from road testers suggested that "The new engine packs more punch and feels much smoother. The new riding position is very neutral, offering nice feedback and it certainly looks the part now too."

A full day of riding in all manner of conditions, from fast sweeping A-Roads to scenic country tracks as well as city riding gave the opportunity to really put the V-Strom through it's paces.

The bike sounds to be an improvement on its predecessor and with great performance and looks at an on the road price of £6,899 it looks set to be a popular choice for adventure-sport customers.

Bikes are due to arrive in dealers from August, check out for more details.