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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Avoid winter chill with Dainese Gore-Tex jackets

Digging the bike out from under it's frosted cover this weekend made me glad that i was only going for a quick blast, even so a number of layers were snugly fitted under my summer jacket just to keep me sane. It took me back to the days of all-year round commuting on 2-wheels and the importance of investing in a decent jacket to keep the vital organs ticking!

This post contains some of the offerings from one of the best known brands in motorcycle clothing, Dainese. They're not what you'd call cheap, but the prices definitely reflect the quality you'll receive, and who can put a price on keeping warm and sane on a winter ride?!

Motorcycle News: the smart looking Ice Sheet jacket

First up is the chillingly named Ice Sheet GTX jacket, at the lower end of Dainese's weatherproof gore-tex jackets, but still offering a whole host of useful features. The Ice Sheet has been designed for touring and as such is made of elasticated Cordura and comes with a range of adjustable straps to ensure a good fit to every rider. As you'd expect the jacket comes with more than adequate protection and an interior lining, both of which are removable. The focus of the Ice Sheet jacket is on quality and substance and Dainese say that the breathable materials used mean that riders remain comfortable even when the weather turns really bitter. The Ice Sheet has an RRP of £339.99 and should last riders for many seasons if looked after well.

Motorcycle News: The 'Bruce' wins our award for the best named jacket!

Next up, and arguably the best named bit of biking clothing we've come across, is the Bruce GTX jacket. Similarly to the Ice Sheet, the Bruce has been developed for the extremes of touring, but this time the focus is on a lightweight and comfortable design that dries quickly and offers great all-round protection. Numerous air vents, a thermal lining and removable collar give riders the ability to control their body temperature. Despite its simple name, the Bruce has impressive protection to the back, chest and arms, making it a rather technical jacket. The Bruce has an RRP of £407.99.

Motorcycle News: The Tundra is for the most hardcore winter riders!

The last jacket we looked at is the equally epically named Tundra GTX. The Tundra is really for the extremes of winter bike riding, with talk of 'snowdrifts' in Dainese's marketing materials its obvious this is aimed a truly hardcore bikers! Like the other jackets in the range the TUndra features a gore-tex membrane on the outside of the jacket to minimise wind chill and help to stabilise the riders body temperature. Despite being one of the most heavy duty winter jackets on the market, the Tundra is said to allow riders to remain surprisingly flexible and agile thanks to it's lightweight construction. For those intending on heading out regardless of the elements, the Tundra is well worth a look with an RRP of £509.99.

This is just a small snippet of the impressive Dainese Gore-Tex jacket range, to see more check out