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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wheels to Work scheme - how it really works

Since we announced details of the new Wheels 2 Work Scheme we’ve been in touch to find out more about the scheme and how it works in the real world.

James Blakey is 19 and lives in Hemel Hempstead. James has worked at Amazon in Hemel Hempstead since the September last year as a temp, however this has now turned into a full time role. He also DJs and says that keeping all of this going wouldn’t be possible without the scooter provided to him through the Wheels to Work scheme at Scoots L2O. James kindly answered a few questions on the scheme for us:

Motorcycle News: James Blakey relies on the scooter provided through the Wheels to Work scheme

Q. How long you have had the scooter, and how many more months do you have to pay it off etc.?

A. I am actually due to start Scoots L2O this weekend as my CBT is on Saturday. The project is a 12month loan and I will own the bike as from the 1st of December 2013.

Q. Does the Scoots L2o scheme make a big difference to you, would you able to work where you currently do without it? If you didn't have the scooter, what would your other options be and how is the scooter a more convenient solution for you?

A. It will do. I was only on a temp contact at Amazon, which I would have had to give up had I not secured any transport. I had to get lifts in from friends and family and as I work shifts this was a real issue. I am also a DJ so that involves a lot of travel. Without this project I wouldn’t have been able to get a full time job at Amazon because I would not be able to get there. I also wouldn’t be able to do my DJ-ing. A scooter is better for my lifestyle and me. It gives me the freedom and independence I need for both my jobs. I can also socialise more with my friends without having to rely on anyone else.

Q. Did the cost put you off, or is it manageable? Did the savings you receive compared to buying a scooter outright attract you to the scheme?

A. The cost didn’t put me off at all as it’s a great deal. I have savings but not enough to buy a scooter and everything else that L2O provides for the price I am getting it for and in just 12 months I own everything. I also didn’t want to get a loan as I would end up paying more than it’s all worth. My saving wouldn’t even cover a new scooter let alone the insurance, breakdown, maintenance and everything else L2O provides. When you add all that up, it’s a much better deal for me to be on this scheme.

Q. What would you say to somebody who struggles to get to and from work at the moment - would you recommend the scheme?

A. I would recommend this scheme to anyone. I have already put a poster up at work (Amazon) to tell others about it. Not only do they help with the bike, I get all my equipment, training, break down cover and a service and maintenance plan plus with high insurance costs this is a really good way for anyone to get their own affordable travel and I wouldn’t have a job or my saving without it.

Thanks to Stevie at MCI and Ricky at Scoots L2O ( for their help with the case study.

If you’d like to find out more about the Wheels to Work scheme, visit: