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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oxford heated gloves review - stay frosty without cold hands

When Oxford first introduced their heated gloves back in 2011 we were a little skeptical about how they would perform in the real world. With wires dangling from your arms and heating elements close to your pinkies, they sounded a bit unsafe! However, after having them on test for the last few months we were proved well and truly wrong.

Motorcycle News: Oxford heated gloves are the best option for high-mileage winter bikers
With snow, frost, ice and general wintery conditions to deal with out on the UK's roads, the last thing motorcyclists need to be thinking about is how cold their extremities are. Luckily for us, this winter has been a lot more bearable thanks to these toasty Oxford heated gloves.

Unlike other heated gloves on the market, the Oxford offering uses a a woven heated element rather than a wire-based system, this gives a better distribution of heat around the riders hands and eliminates the possibility of burns from overheating wires.

The actual construction of the gloves is of high quality, available in a range of sizes from XS to XXL and with adjustable straps and drawstrings they offer a good fit for a variety of hand shapes and sizes. The 3M Thinsulate lining keeps your hands pretty warm and comfortable even when the power is off.

Motorcycle News: The 3 heat settings are controlled by a power button on each glove
The heating is provided from a direct feed to your bikes battery (which is fused for safety). Once channeled properly from the battery, the ends of the cables simply plug into each glove and the temperature is adjusted between 3 settings with a power button and heat setting indicator on each glove.

We used these on our Suzuki V-strom 650 over the winter and the excess cable from the gloves is lost seamlessly over the tank whilst riding and doesn't cause any distraction to the rider.

The obvious comparison to make is against Oxford's other popular winter riding accessory, the heated handlebar grips. The most immediate benefit of the heated gloves is that they distribute heat right around your hands, not just where you're gripping on to the bike, and in our opinion are a lot more effective. 

The only downside to the heated gloves is that you need to plug/unplug yourself every time you get on/off the bike, so if your a bike courier then heated grips and bar muffs might be the answer, but if you're riding for extended periods of time, then the heated gloves are the hands down winner!

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