Recently we’ve seen him restore a boat on TV, feature in a documentary film about racing and frantically direct marshals with brooms and pressure washers on the scene of an oil spill, but behind all the hype, hospitals and interviews, Guy Martin has been seriously focused on one thing – winning this years IOM TT.

We all saw his horrific high speed crash at the front of last year’s TT, and he surpassed everyone’s expectations by making a full recovery quicker than we could get the kettle on. Since then Guy has signed for the highly experienced and greatly loved Relentless Suzuki by TAS team, run by none other than Philip Neill.

The new team has definitely given Guy a bit of added expertise and experience, as well as a focus, this year he’s had time on the bike with the TAS team at a number of Spanish circuits, BSB tracks and road races, all to get the bike honed to perfection for the TT.

The added benefits of riding for such an organised team are that everything to do with the bike is taken care of, Guy will obviously add his own feedback and tweaks, but it definitely gives him added focus to put into the riding and increase his concentration where it matters most – on the roads.

So with the bike, the team and the talent all present, this years looks better than any for the people’s champ to finally take a TT win, however Guy remains down to earth and says he’ll take it as it comes and will ride without “being a dickhead”!

We’ve always loved Guy’s outspoken personality and paddock entertainment but it’s fair to say that his recent appearances in TV and Cinema have made us take his riding skills and determination more seriously. Guy has all our support for this year’s TT and we look forward to raising a cuppa to him on the top step of the podium, reet chief?!

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