Earlier today Momentum Blog caught up with motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman to find out about his upcoming trip Extreme Frontiers: South Africa, which follows on from his ride across Canada last year.

Motorcycle News: Momentum Blog caught up with Charley Boorman earlier today

Charley and his crew, which includes director Russ Malkin who accompanied Charley and Ewan on the Long Way Round and other trips, will be departing on a 6-week trip to South Africa on 6th June and we caught up with him to find out what the adventure is all about:

“Just like the trip to Canada last year, Extreme Frontiers: South Africa aims to raise awareness of the culture and people that live in the areas we’re visiting in South Africa. The idea is to prove that it’s not as daunting and dangerous as people might think.” explained Charley, “We plan to immerse ourselves in their world, experience their lifestyle, food and traditions and venture off the beaten track away from the typical tourist areas. There’s no better way to experience it and be a part of the environment than on a motorcycle.”

Charley will be tackling this challenging ride on a trusty BMW R1200GS Adventure, the bike that has seen him through a number of trips in the past “The guys at BMW are great and we know the bike is up to the job, it’s so well proven now” added Charley.

Motorcycle News: The 2012 expedition is called Extreme Frontiers: South Africa

The trip has a number of stop-offs on route for various adrenaline inducing activities such as swimming with sharks (without a cage), mountain climbing and paramotoring down the Limpopo river. Despite these planned activities, Charley isn’t planning to stick to a hard and fast route: “We know it’s going to be a long way, probably about 6-7000 kilometers in total, but we don’t want to map it out completely otherwise we risk losing some of the excitement and we could miss out on meeting people along the way.”

Despite having a support crew in tow, Charley will be riding alone and told us “It’s different to driving round in a car or a off-road vehicle, you’re much more a part of the environment on a bike. I’m particularly looking forward to the Wild Coast in Africa, they say it offers some of the most incredible riding experiences”. The best thing about the trip, as Charley explained to us, is that this kind of adventure is open to anyone “You don’t have to do crazy things, i’m going to be doing the sort of things that anyone can go and do.”

Motorcycle News: Charley on his 2011 trip across Canada

The team depart on 6th June and a lot of preparation work has gone into organising it, “I get very involved in the planning, it helps to get you really excited about it all” said Charley “We’re going in their winter time, which means that whilst it will be warm in the day, it can be very cold at night, and on a motorbike you’ve got to pack for everything really”.

We asked this experienced adventurer if he had any tips for riders planning their first big trip, Charley’s pointers included “Get yourself a decent tent and a decent sleeping bag, because no matter what happens, if you can get a good nights sleep, you can tackle anything!” He also said that he couldn’t live without his Garmin GPS, although it’s a good idea to always have a map with you.

Charley and his team will be tweeting and updating Facebook and the website (www.extremefrontiers.co.uk) as they go along, with the idea of sharing their experiences with people as the adventure progresses. The trip will also be filmed and will be running as a four part series on Channel 5 later this year.

We’ll be updating the site with news from Charley and the team as we hear it, but be sure to follow @charleyboorman and @extremefrontier on twitter to get direct updates!