An up close view into the mindset of the highly strung racers in the British Superbike Championship, I, SUPERBIKER delivers an emotionally charged full-throttle ride through the 2010 season that’ll have any bike racing fan screaming at the TV.

Following top contenders Tommy Hill, Josh Brookes, James Ellison and Gary Mason closely through the season, the film accurately captures their epic struggle in the battle for the championship, but there can only be one winner.

The film gives a great insight into the little known lives of a British Superbike racer, it’s certainly not all glamour and luxury, instead there’s a lot of hard graft, limitless dedication and the will to be the best.

One man’s passion and determination clearly outshone the rest in my books, Worx Cresent Suzuki rider, Tommy Hill, makes a great start to the season, but after a few bad races he is forced to dig deep. His end-of-season focus was certainly convincing as his eyes pierced the lens of the camera and he tells us “I want this win more than anyone else on that grid, i will win this”.

To appreciate this film you have to be into racing, an understanding of the championship points and pressure that the racers are under is essential to get a feel for the tension that is built up as the film progresses.

For fans of the British Superbike Championship, Tommy Hill and the other racers being followed, this film is an absolute no brainer. For everyone else, whilst it might be a bit harder to follow, you’ll appreciate the intimate perspective on the motorcycle racer psyche. Failing that there are lots of scantily clad grid girls, or for the ladies there are racers that are, in the words of a Eurosport Commentator, “as fit as boxers”.

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