As one of the most popular Sports Touring machines currently available, the Z1000SX has been further improved for 2014 with a major upgrade adding yet more sports personality, practical touches and top-notch engineering features. 

Motorcycle News: The popular Z1000SX is treated to a makeover for 2014
The bike is built to appeal to former supersport riders as well as those looking for a touring machine with genuine all-round performance, the most noticeable visual feature of the updated Z1000SX is the bespoke colour-coded optional pannier system – with each of the panniers able to hold a full-size helmet. Designed to keep the sporty looks of the machine, the combined mounted width of the new panniers is just 925mm.

Anew mounting system ensures the machine is as stylish with the panniers in place as when naked, another advantage is the “one key” system which operates both ignition and luggage.

With a host of rider upgrades, the new Z1000SX benefits from a suite of new technology including Kawasaki’s electronic traction control system. With three traction modes to choose from, including those covering sports riding or even low grip situations, the traction control also includes two rider selectable power options. 

Motorcycle News: Kawasaki’s Z1000SX is built for 2-up performance
Kawasaki’s expert engineering has also been utilised in designing the engine itself with a variety of amendments and upgrades which focus on more instant and responsive power delivery.

The Z1000SX’ chassis benefits from updates such as revised settings for the 41mm front forks and, for braking, a radial-mount master cylinder operating new Tokico monobloc calipers grabbing the characteristic petal front rotors – with optional ABS.

The rear shock absorber now features a remote adjuster allowing riders to set the rear suspension of the machine for increased passenger and luggage weight.

“With greater riding excitement promised for the coming year, the aural pleasure will now also be heightened thanks to a revision of the air-box and clean air system promising a distinctive Kawasaki “intake howl” when accelerating.” Commented Mr Yasushi Kawakami, Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe.

“With such a wide appeal, the Z1000SX has already gained many fans from both supersports and touring backgrounds. With so many additional features for the coming season we are sure it will retain its commanding position in the sports/touring market”.

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