At a glance you could mistake these new Ixon gloves for motocross gloves, due to their bright colours and short styling, however these are the latest mens summer gloves from the bike brand.

Motorcycle News: New Ixon Summer Gloves for under £70

The gloves themselves are an evolution of the RS Print HP, made up from a perforated goat leather and stretch textile construction to keep the riders hands cool and protected.

The short cuff design allows for optimum wrist movement and allows a cool breeze down the arms of your jacket on hot summer days. These Ixon gloves also feature the usual knuckle protection and reinforced leather panels.

Motorcycle News: Bold Ixon glove styling resembles motocross gloves

The gloves have an RRP of £69 and are available in Black, Black/White, Red/White, Jean and Vintage colour options.

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