Bike protection firm R&G announce new features and two additional fitments for their popular Outdoor Cover including new Cruiser and Scooter covers and updated Adventure and Superbike variants.

Motorcycle news: R&G launch new adventure outdoor motorcycle cover

Great news for riders who have to park their bikes outside all year as the award-winning R&G outdoor motorcycle cover is now available for Scooter/Urban and Cruiser machines while the existing Superbike and Adventure variants have been enhanced with no increased cost.

Despite the previous Outdoor Cover receiving top marks in an independent test for its waterproofing, ease of use, low weight, heat resistance and boasting other extra features; R&G is not a company to rest on its laurels. The improved cover from the world leader in motorcycle damage protection products builds on the success of its predecessor by adding more features, such as enlarged venting, a PVC numberplate window and – depending on the model of cover chosen – a foldaway pouch to expand for top cases or rear seat posts/sissy bars.

Motorcycle news: The new R&G urban outdoor motorcycle cover for scooters

Although R&G recommends a machine is allowed to cool down before fitting the cover due to the massive build-up of heat in catalytic converters, the Outdoor Covers are sufficiently durable to deal with regular bike heat and the addition of increased ventilation helps to drastically reduce condensation – essential in extreme conditions to avoid problems such as frozen ignition barrels.

The addition of a PVC rear window allows for the bike to be easily identified in places like busy bike bays where there can be rows of other bikes also shielded from the elements with a cover. For those not keen to show off their licence plate, an internal flap can be used to cover this window.

The Cruiser and Scooter variants of these rugged bike blankets come with the addition of foldaway pouches, allowing the covers to be easily expanded when used on bikes fitted with a grab rail or with a top box in position.

These four fabric shields boast a durable, waterproof outer layer and flaps at the front and rear wheel positions to run a security lock through without affecting the area of cover. Helping to secure the product in place are adjustable belly straps and a specific elastic hem that doesn’t cling and contract around the bike when removing the cover.

The new covers are priced between £39.99-£59.99, check out for your local dealer

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