A mad scramble around the house as you rush to get out in the weekend sun, foot in, zip up, velcro across and you’re booted up quicker than a Power Mac G5.

If a GP racer begrudgingly holding a boot in a glossy bike mag doesn’t do it for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put TCX’s range-topping Race-R Air to the test and we think they’re all-white!

As the name suggests, TCX’s high-end boots are designed to feel as light as ‘air’ which equates to an instantly comfortable feel, even whilst you break ’em in. The trainer-like comfort makes for quick shifting and allows a delicate touch on the rear brake, perfect for wet weather riding.

The ‘air’ also refers to TCX’s Air Tech system which features two iron mesh vents and a special breathable insert in the heel to keep your feet cool and ventilated

You can move on the pegs like a tap dancer on energy drink and still rest assured that the TCS (Torsion Control System) will keep your feet from bending too far if the worst should happen.

We think the detailed styling and white and black colours add up to a pretty damn tasty boot for those glamorous Sunday afternoon riders amongst us,  whether it’s a Rizla  or a Repsol paint job, these boots will work with any bike/clothing combination.

These boots come with replaceable toe sliders as you’d expect and a contrasting bold red interior which we think looks great. We’ve put the soft-padded lining to test on a 3-hour motorway blast and don’t have any complaints and they’ve dealt with the odd spot of rain without any issues.

If you’re looking for something more than just a big star on your boot, the TCX S-Race Air provide a comfortable, stylish alternative that’s built with rider protection in mind. They come in white, black, blue and red and retail at £199.99, you can find all the colour photos on our facebook page.

Thanks to Becky at Motocom and Nevis Marketing for sorting the boots. For more info or to find your dealer visit www.nevis.uk.com

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