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Detailed Weise Pioneer Textile Jacket Review

Here is our latest product review for the Weise Pioneer Textile Jacket, which is excellent Motorcycle Clothing for a range of riders, this clothing performs well on both the safety and comfort levels, and is available in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra large. We have also found the following quantity of reviews by owners on the Sportsbikeshop website: not yet rated . Here’s what the manufacturer description for this product says: Waterproof jacket with removable thermal lining, CE approved armour and multiple pockets. Momentum Blogs dedicated team of experienced motorcyclists have painstakingly crafted thousands of reviews on motorcycles clothing, parts and accessories. Our Motorcycle Clothing reviews are always carried out in real life biking situations on real UK roads, to give the inside information that you’re really looking for prior to investing in your next piece of expensive motorcycle kit. The good news is that we’ve found the Weise Pioneer Textile Jacket can be snapped up for an excellent price of just £149.99, so click on the ‘read full review’ button above to find out which of our trusted online retail partners currency have the best price and get your order in whilst stocks last. Rather than read the same old manufacturers description of the Weise Pioneer Textile Jacket, as part of our commitment to first class consumer advice we have fully tested this product against all of the manufacturers claims to see how well it might live up to your expectations on the harsh UK roads. If you find that our review falls short in any areas then please get in touch via the contact us page to let us know and don’t forget to include details of the product you are interested in, so that one of our dedicated team of product reviewers can take another look. Before you click on to find the best prices and read the fully detailed Weise Pioneer Textile Jacket Review, read our top tips for buying Motorcycle Clothing below, these golden nuggets of advice were gleamed from thousands of product tests and decades of motorcycling experience.

Top 5 tips for purchasing the Weise Pioneer Textile Jacket

1. Choose Motorcycle Clothing that has the proper CE approval or appropriate safety standards for your country, the CE marking is an essential for UK roads and race circuitsas well as your peace of mind
2. Pick clothing that compliments the colours of the rest of your gloves, boots and helmet and don’t forget to consider how it might look against your current bike paint scheme as well as any motorcycles you might own in the future (difficult we know!)
3. When your new Motorcycle Clothing arrives, leave the tags and stickers in place when you initially try them on and you are sure they aren’t going to give you any discomfort and that there is a proper fitment, this is handy in case they need to be returned to the supplier if all is not well
4. Always purchase some additional products to take care of your new Motorcycle Clothing when you order them , cleaner and some waterproof conditioner or rain repellant is an absolute must, even for fully waterproof clothing in the long term. For any Motorcycle Clothing that have moving parts, particularly around the wrist/ankle protection, such as anti-torsion systems, it is worth looking for some specialist silicone lubricant to ensure they don’t squeak after getting wet
5. Consider comfort as the number one priority, yes that means even our style! It doesn’t matter how good you look or how much protection the Motorcycle Clothing claim to offer, if they are unbearably uncomfortable then they will be more of a distraction while you are riding and therefore more likely to cause an accident.

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