The most annoying and potentially dangerous thing a motorcyclist an experience when riding in wintry conditions is their visor misting, steaming or fogging up. Even with a supposedly anti fog visor and helmet vents open this fogging can still happen, so how do you stop your motorcycle visor from fogging?

By far the best and easiest long term method is to get a Pinlock Anti Fog Visor by clicking the button below. We have used these visor inserts for many years and they work brilliantly, it is worth the small investment to save the time and hassle of clearing fog from your visor:

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But if you’re looking for a cheap and proven method developed through the long winters in Scandinavia, then watch the following video or read the quick steps below:

How to use washing up liquid to prevent anti visor fogging: 

Step 1: Remove your visor from your motorcycle helmet

Step 2: Thoroughly clean your visor in warm soapy water, inside and out, then wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth

Step 3: Add a tiny smidge of washing up liquid to a dry lint-free cloth and gently apply it evenly to the entire surface area on the inside of the visor

Step 4: After applying leave it for a couple of minutes then very lightly buff it with another clean dry cloth until no smear marks appear

Step 5: Refit the visor to your motorcycle helmet

And voila a cost-effective anti fog visor is ready to go. You can breathe heavily on the visor to test it’s effectiveness, you might notice a temporary mark or pattern which will quickly disperse. It’s best to use this system in conjunction with an anti fog mask if you have one, or if not just regulate your breathing sensibly. We’ve personally tested this method and it usually works for a good few days and then you can just quickly follow the above process again to give it a fresh coat.

Enjoy a fog free winter of motorcycling!

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