The Bataleon Omni was the first ever snowboard i owned, after running with sweaty, worn out rental kit for my first year learning snowboarding i decided it was time to invest in my own kit and the first items on my hit list were a board and bindings. After scouring ebay for a few days i basically picked out the boards that looked the best and had the coolest brand names as i didn’t know any better. I spotted the Bataleon Omni 155 for sale at very sensible money and it was only a year old and used once at an indoor snowboarding slope, perfect! I picked up the board and ordered some bindings online (you can read my K2 Formula bindings review here) and then headed down to the Snozone in Milton Keynes Xscape to give it a test run!

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Testing the Bataleon Omni 155 indoors

After strapping up and taking the button lift to the top of the slope the first thing i noticed was how responsive the board was and how easily it slid over the snow compared to the worn out old rental equipment that i was used to which probably hadn’t seen a fresh coat of wax in a few years! The Bataleon Omni 155 felt pretty rigid but it was also very compliant, it went exactly where i wanted it to go, so i felt instantly like i was in total control. At 155cm in length the Omni was a lot shorter than the big old 161 rental board that i learned on, so it was so much easier to initiate the turns and really helped me to do quick little speed checks on the way down the slope. It was also really light, partly due to it being physically smaller, but also due to it being a much higher quality snowboard, so that gave me the confidence to progress my beginner jumps, coasting off a few kickers and eventually building up the confidence to work on my ollies. The Bataleon Omni was stable at take off, in the air and also when landing and picking up a bit more speed, the next test for the board was to get it out on the real mountains and fresh snow!

bataleon omni review

How the Bataleon Omni 155 handled on the mountain

So my second ever snowboarding holiday was booked to the resort of Bansko in Bulgaria and i was desperate to get on the piste and give the Omni a proper test. As soon as i got on the slopes i was pretty stoked with my new board, just like the first time i used it indoors in Milton Keynes Snozone it felt very stiff but accurate, which helped me to quickly get my eye back in. In no time at all i was progressing and carving my way down steeper blue runs and eventually on to some red runs, the Bataleon Omni is absolutely in its element carving out sweeping turns in sweetly groomed pistes. As i gradually added more speed however i did find that the board started to become a little bit lively with a lot of movement and at times felt a bit unstable, i think this was almost definitely down to the short 155cm length of the Omni compared to my height of 6ft1!

Bataleon Omni 155 Snowboard Review Summary

Overall though the Bataleon Omni 155 is an excellent board, especially if your thing is bombing it down the pistes like some kid of possessed speed junkie, the coveted triple base technology (TBT) gives real stability on both straight line and carving descents. If you’re looking for a board to take to the park then i would suggest that the highly rigid construction of the Omni may not be for you, however the hand back-seat inserts also make this a viable choice for those epic powder days. I hope you found this review helpful, please feel free to share on social media and if you’re looking for a good deal on the Bataleon Omni then click the button below. Cheers dudes!

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