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We have owned these boots for well over 12 months and racked up in excess of 10,000 miles wearing them.

Tested in all conditions!

This particular pair of boots has experienced all of the elements including sunshine, rain, ice and even snow. And when we say rain, we mean really heavy rain.

So let’s dive straight in to see how this pair of TCX waterproof motorcycle boots faired in these real world conditions!

In-depth waterproof motorcycle boots review

This review of the TCX S-Speed waterproof motorcycle boots will cover the following areas; comfort, waterproof performance, durability and styling.

We will also look at some of the excellent features of these bike boots, such as the TCS torsion control system.

Before we start we should say that we would classify these boots as sports or sports touring motorcycle boots. This means that they are good for general commuting use but also work well for sportier riding such as track days. They would also be fine for longer distance touring as well.

waterproof motorcycle boots review

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots 2020

Based on the proven performance of these boots over the last 12 months of hard road use in the UK, we would be quite happy to say that these are the best waterproof motorcycle boots we have tested in 2020.

They are comfortable, even for all-day riding, they are completely waterproof (tested standing in a full bath!) and they are great value for money!

We have seen that they are reduced from £189.99 to just £149.99 on the Sportsbikeshop website.

That really is a bargain for an excellent all-round pair of motorcycle boots like these.

best waterproof motorbike boots

TCX Waterproof Boots Review

So how did this pair of TCX S-Speed boots do over our long term test:

  • Rider comfort – these boots are amazingly comfortable, you honestly forget you are wearing them, even after a few hours in the saddle. Thanks to the excellent TCX technology you can ride your bike somewhere and walk around in these boots all day. We even forgot to take a pair of shoes in to the office one day and ended up just keeping our boots on for the day!
  • Waterproof performance – when we first got these boots, we ran a bathtub full of water, put the boots on and stood in the bath! Quite an extreme test we know, but amazingly the boots did not let in any water, even after standing for a few minutes. During our road testing we found that the boots did not leak at all, even in heavy downpours. The only thing we did notice is that they can let a bit of rain in at the top if you tuck your trousers into you boots. You are better off putting your trousers over the top of your waterproof motorcycle boots if possible.
  • Boots durability – As you can see from the photos, the boots are well used, over 12 months and 10,000 miles to be precise. However they are still holding up very well and don’t show any signs of wear and tear, they are still waterproof to this day.
  • Sporty styling – These boots look great, nice sporty styling but without compromising on comfort. The shape of the protective areas and the black and silver colour scheme work really well together. The torsion control system also looks really cool and gives a futuristic hi-tech look to the TCX S-Speed boots. On the subject of the torsion control system or TCS as the brand call it, it can get a bit squeaky after a while. We kept our boots lightly lubed with some silicone spray to stop any embarrassing squeaks when you are walking around in the boots.

waterproof motorbike boots review

Pros and cons of the TCX waterproof boots

Here are a few of the best points and some of the negatives of the TCX S-Speed boots. Remember that we have really put these boots through their paces. They have faced some of the toughest conditions on UK roads, all year round, even cold, wet and gritted wintry roads in December!


  1. Excellent waterproof performance!
  2. Comfortable and stylish – it’s rare to find boots that truly do both well!
  3. Brilliant value for money – all of the above for less than £150 has good to be a bargain!


  1. The TCS system can be a bit squeaky after a while – keep it lubricated with silicone spray to avoid this
  2. A bit hot in the summer – we would probably suggest swapping to some summer boots in the hottest months of the year to get the air circulating
  3. Not a lot of colour choice – but maybe that’s not a big deal when the black and silver look as good as they do in our photos!

TCX boots close up

Video of our favourite waterproof boots for 2020

Here is a short video showing our well used TCX waterproof boots from all angles, you can see close up how well these boots are made. They are still looking really good after 12 months of use and we haven’t taken the best care of them in terms of cleaning to be honest.

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