Cool and safe motorcycle clothing used to be a contradiction in terms, now there are lots of options available for summer riding. We’ve all seen it before, the t-shirt, shorts and flip flops being worn on a motorcycle in the hot weather. It’s tempting for sure, but is it really worth the risk? We’ve also all seen what happens when it all goes wrong without protective riding gear.

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Options available for cool and safe motorcycle clothing

As a general rule it is always worth going for protective motorcycle clothing in lighter colours to help reflect the sun. You should also look for items with lots of vents to help the air circulate. Thinner materials is an obvious choice, but make sure they are breathable too. If you want something that is waterproof, then it is less likely that it will keep you cool (if the water can’t get through then neither can the air).

cool and safe motorcycle clothing

Best motorcycle helmets for summer

We would recommend something light in colour, touring helmets usually have excellent air ventilation too. Something like this Arai Tour X4 would be perfect for summer use.

Best motorcycle summer jacket

You should definitely consider something perforated with CE approved armour, we think this Alpinestars Luc Air Textile Jacket is pretty much spot on for those hot rides.

Baselayers are cool and safe motorcycle clothing

We can’t recommend using baselayers during the summer highly enough. It may seem counter intuitive to wear and extra layer during the hot weather, but the baselayers actually regulate your body temperature and help to keep you cool. We would go for something like this Alpinestars Tech Top Long Sleeve Summer Base Layer.

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