Momentum Snowboarding

momentum snowboardingMomentum snowboarding is a UK based website and video blog delivering mountains of your favourite boarding content, from the latest snowboard and snowboarding kit reviews, right through to some inspiring videos and tips for riders of levels, from snowboarding beginners right through to seasoned snowboard pros. We launched our channel with a range of snowboarding kit reviews including the best snowboarding jackets, salopettes, helmets, goggles, boots, baselayers, midlayers, thermals, gloves, kitbags and lots more! We also aim to help fellow boarders by searching the internet for the best deals on all of the kit we review, to help you compare prices and get the best deal. Hopefully you’ll find our unique style interesting and fun, we aim to give real world snowboarding tests and honest opinions, whilst having some fun along the way, after all that’s why we go boarding in the first place! Our team of reviewers are all intermediate snowboarders, having been boarding for around 5 years, however we speak to boarders of all experience levels and abilities out on the mountain to help produce our videos. If there is a specific piece of snowboarding equipment you would like us to review, then please get in touch via the contact us page and we will review all suggestions to see what we can make happen! We hope you enjoy Momentum snowboarding videos, if you do, please help us to grow the channel by sharing our video and website links far and wide! Thanks guys!

Why snowboarding?

Because it’s rad! Seriously though, since we first strapped ourselves on to that magical piece of wood, known as a snowboard, and slid those few centimetres on frozen water before falling flat on our backsides, we have absolutely loved every minute of it, even the gnarly crashes that had us wincing in pain for weeks afterwards, every day on the mountain is a day well spent! Snowboarding is about more than just shredding through the fresh powder and busting insane tricks in the snow park, it’s about spending time with your mates, dicking around, drinking beer and spirits, falling over, learning new tricks, filming crashes, over indulging on overly priced food and generally having the time of your life! Momentum snowboarding is all about sharing these great boarding moments and memories, both for those who already love the sport to reminisce about their own epic experiences and inspire them to get back up the mountain, as well as those that have never considered snowboarding before, we’re here to tell you what you’re missing out on, and hopefully push you to give it a try and book your first snowboarding lesson.

Momentum snowboarding reviews

As well as our videos about general tomfoolery on a snowboard, we also produce some semi-serious videos with some real consumer advice. Our Momentum snowboarding reviews video take some of the latest and greatest snowboarding kit and give you a genuine and real-world review of how this kit stacks up and whether you should invest your own hard-earned pounds and pence on it! Our snowboarding reviews will usually cover the five following points as a minimum:

  1. Our honest opinion on the pros and cons by testing on real snow
  2. How they compare to other products and what alternatives are available
  3. Photos and where available videos of the product
  4. Our own Momentum snowboarding reviews score out of 10
  5. Where to find the best price on the internet

How to support Momentum snowboarding

In order for us to continue providing entertaining and informative content, you can help us through any of the following activities. Firstly, you could simply help to raise awareness of our channel by subscribing to our Youtube channel, sharing our videos and links to our reviews on our website. Secondly, you could purchase some snowboarding kit using one of the affiliate links on our website, there is no additional cost to you, but we will receive a small benefit from that brands affiliate programme (just click the link on any of the review pages or visit the affiliated websites page). Thirdly, you can purchase some Momentum snowboarding merchandise to support our cause, all the profits go towards funding the equipment and production of videos for the channel. Thank you for your generous support, it really is appreciated.